Library Authors

Partial List of Library Authors

The following list of authors has been taken from the 2009 list of AAFT Library resources and is not meant to be exhaustive.

Other considerations about this list:

  • Any one author may have one or more products or resources in the library.  For example John Bollinger has at least three resources in the library.
  • An author can be considered a author(s)/writer(s), a trade show, an institute, a magazine, a conference and the like.
  • This list is not meant to be representative; it's meant to be a short list of authors to provide site visitors, a small window into the library resources of AAFT.
  • Registered users on the AAFT website receive library view-only access; AAFT members receive library checkout privileges.

Alexander Elder
Andrew Cardwell
Arthur Darack
Arthur Ullrich
B. Moynihan
Bill Bower
Brian Millard
Constance Brown
Curtis Arnold
Curtis Arnold
David L. Caplan
David Stendahl
E. Dobson
ed. The Options Institute
Frank Taucher
Futures Mag.
Futures South ‘97
Futures Trading Conf
George Angell
Glen Ring
Green & Co
Gross, Leroy
Hank Pruden
Henry Clasing, Jr.
Joel Marver
John Bollinger
Joseph A. Walker
Ken Seehausen
Kenneth R. Trester
L. McMillan
Linda Raschke
Luft, Carl F., and Sheiner, Richard K.
M. Ruggiero
Mark Boucher
Mark Cook
Mark Douglas
Mark Etzkorn
Mark Leibovit
Mark Schimmel
Martin Pring
Michael Mazur
Mikel T. Dodd
Moore Research
N. Freeburg
P. Steidlmayer
Pat Raffalovich
R. Michaelsen
Richard Lees
Robert Barnes
Robert Colby
Russell Sands
S&C Mag
Samuel Tennis
Schiller, Jon
Schwager et al
Sewart Taylor
Stanley Harley
Stephen W. Bigalow
Ted Tesser
Thomas Bierovic
Thomas Dorsey
Toby Crabel
Tom Bierovic
Tom DeMark, Jr.
Tony Plummer
Tushar Chande
Van Tharp
Wasendorf, Russell R., and McCafferty, Thomas A.
Yates, James